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Rebecca Rose Boutique is a charming little store in the heart of Draper
that offers special clothing and gifts for women and babies. 
I offer unique gifts that you just can’t find anywhere else. My niche is buying small quantities so you can attend events and not feel like you're going to see others in your same outfit or dress. 
I provide a personalized shopping experience where customers become friends, and friends always feel welcome! 
I love helping anyone that comes in find that special gift for their family members, friends and especially for themselves. The right outfit, or one special item you wear can give you a boost of happiness and a little extra confidence in how you present yourself. 
I believe that every day should be celebrated and life should be fun! No one is exactly the same so why would you want to dress like anyone else? 
Thank you for shopping small, shopping local and most of all for your love and support! 

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I have always had a love for fashion and gift giving! I have dreamed of owning my own Boutique for many years but I wanted it to be in the right location within Draper, with a good feel and vibe and not in a big strip mall. Well.. in the Spring of 2021 I found the place I had always envisioned. This quaint location is just off the beaten path of 123rd South. It’s easy to get to with a cool urban vibe that I absolutely love. 


My name is Rebecca! Although I’ve always gone by Becky. Now and then my husband Marc would call me Rebecca and then it evolved into the nickname “Rebecca Rose”.  I had a long list of other names for my boutique but in the end it just had to be Rebecca Rose Boutique and I genuinely smile every time I see the logo because it holds a special place in my heart. 

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